Sensor Clean & Check

Sensor Clean & Check

A simple service to save you time and stress

The sensor is the heart of your camera and one of the key factors in image quality. The sensor can attract dust and dirt when lenses are changed - so it’s essential to make sure it’s clean and working perfectly.

Sensors are very sensitive and cleaning them safely and effectively requires considerable experience and expertise. But keeping your sensor in pristine condition can save you hours of touching up images, to remove the blotches that are caused by dust. This job is done to the highest professional standards, by fully trained Canon specialists, for an affordable single payment.

What you need to know

The Sensor Clean & Check service includes cleaning of the imaging sensor, mirror (if applicable), focus screen (if applicable), external LCD surfaces and the camera body.

Sensor clean and check

Important information

Please note that, due to the nature of dust on sensors, there is no warranty on this service. You are advised to ensure that the body cap is fitted when the camera is sent for cleaning, and to check image quality as soon as it is returned.

If a fault is identified with your product during your requested Maintenance Service, the Canon Service & Repair Centre will contact you to either request a copy of your proof of purchase to validate your Canon warranty (if not already provided) or, if your product is no longer covered by its Canon warranty, to discuss chargeable repair options (i.e. fixed price repair, repair limit or time & cost estimate).

Important information

Pricing guide

This service is available from Canon Service & Repair Centres.

Service Pricing

Camera Type Price
EOS Full Frame Sensor [DE]€59, [FR]€48, [IT]€49, [RU]3120 ₽, [SE]995 kr, [UK]£50
EOS APS-C Sensor [DE]€42, [FR]€36, [IT]€36, [RU]2580 ₽, [SE]750 kr, [UK]£40
EOS R [DE]€59, [FR]€48, [IT]€49, [RU]3120 ₽, [SE]995 kr, [UK]£50
EOS M [DE]€42, [FR]€36, [IT]€36, [RU]2580 ₽, [SE]750 kr, [UK]£40

*All prices include VAT. Pricing excludes inbound & return shipping. Prices are subject to change without notice. CPS Members receive free standard return shipping and can take advantage of the Fast Track turnaround times appropriate to their membership level.


Shipping Prices

Shipping Type Price
Standard* [DE]€4,99, [FR]€4,99, [IT]€4,99, [RU]**, [SE]50 SEK, [UK]£4,99

* Return Shipping - Pricing includes VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice. Other shipping options may be available, please contact us to discuss (if applicable).
** For shipping prices please contact us directly

This service is available from Canon Service & Repair Centres and local CPS Authorised Service Partners. Click to find your nearest one.

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