PowerShot N2

Shoot, create and share life from every angle with the unique PowerShot N2. Enjoy effortless creativity, 'any way up' shooting, stunning images and easy Wi-Fi connectivity - all in one minimalist camera.


  • Play with your creativity using Creative Shot
  • Shoot 'any way up' thanks to a unique symmetrical design
  • Capture the perfect 'selfie' with a tilt-up touchscreen
  • Enjoy stunning results with HS System and Intelligent IS
  • Share easily and shoot remotely using Wi-Fi and NFC

الميزات المفصلة

ألقِ نظرة أكثر تفصيلاً على Canon PowerShot N2

Effortless originality

Amaze family and friends with your creative flair. Creative Shot intelligently captures five additional images of your original subject in a variety of artistic and surprising ways. Or you can effortlessly capture fun movies with various clever creative effects you'll be proud to share using Creative Shot Movie.

Superb 'selfies'

Take the ultimate 'selfie' with beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds and smooth skin effects using Self Portrait Mode, which starts automatically when you flip the screen all the way up.

Different by design

Impress with a unique design. This symmetrical, metal-bodied camera is strikingly different with an ultra-modern minimalist style - small enough to keep in your pocket and stylish enough to take anywhere.

Easy shooting from any angle

Explore creative shooting angles. Thanks to the camera's Zoom and Shoot Rings you can shoot 'any way up', simply adjust the zoom by twisting and take the shot by pressing in any direction. Previewing your angled shots is easy thanks to an 180o tilt-up 7.1 cm (2.8") touchscreen, which allows simple, intuitive touch operation.

Clear shots in any light

Day or night your images will be just as you remember them. Canon's HS System excels in low light so it's easy to capture the real atmosphere of precious moments without using flash or a tripod.

Sharp results every time

There's no need to worry about camera shake ruining your results thanks to an intelligent optical Image Stabilizer. This camera automatically adapts and ensures sharp, detailed photos and videos even if you're capturing the detail of distant subjects using the full 8x optical zoom or shooting handheld in low light.

Stunning images with ease

Effortlessly shoot fantastic photos or movies with Smart Auto. Enjoy a fun HD (720p) movie summary

مواصفات المنتج

اكتشف المزيد عن Canon PowerShot N2 وميزاته وإمكاناته.

Creative Shot

6 صور فريدة من لقطة واحدة

8x optical zoom with wide-angle

إمكانية التكبير/التصغير البصري بمعدل 8x بزاوية عريضة

16.1 Megapixel CMOS

مستشعر CMOS بدقة 16.1 ميجابكسل

Share and backup images wirelessly

مشاركة الصور ونسخها احتياطيًا لاسلكيًا

Zoom Shoot Rings

التكبير/التصغير والتصوير من أي اتجاه

7.1cm 2.8in Touch Tilt LCD 4:3

الإمالة للتصوير إلى أعلى أو أسفل

Self Portrait

التقاط صور ذاتية رائعة

Steady shots in every situation

صور وأفلام ثابتة في جميع المواقف

Auto mode with 58-scene detection

وضع تلقائي مع إمكانية اكتشاف 58 مشهدًا

1080p movies

أفلام بدقة 1080p

NFC simplifies smartphone sharing

تقنية NFC لإضفاء البساطة على عملية المشاركة مع الهواتف الذكية

Remote Shooting WiFi

التحكم في الكاميرا باستخدام هاتف ذكي

Hybrid Auto

سهولة التصوير مع ميزة ملخص الفيلم

Powerful DIGIC processing

معالج DIGIC فائق الإمكانات

Great low-light shots

لقطات رائعة في ظروف الإضاءة المنخفضة

16x ZoomPlus

تكبير/تصغير بمعدل 16x بجودة رائعة

Compatible with Canon Connect Station

متوافقة مع جهاز Canon Connect Station

  • الكاميرا الرقمية PowerShot N2

  • حزام المعصم WS-800 

  • البطارية NB-9L 

  • محول الطاقة صغير الحجم CA-DC30E

  • كابل تيار متردد 

  • كابل الواجهة IFC-400PCU

  • مجموعة دليل المستخدم

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