The flagship LEGRIA HF G30 camcorder packs high-specification optics, sensor and stabiliser plus Wi-Fi connectivity into a compact body, ideal for enthusiasts who want to match their creativity with professional quality videos.



  • 20x zoom, 26.8mm wide-angle lens; 8 blade circular aperture
  • Control settings remotely and share with Wi-Fi
  • Simultaneous recording of AVCHD and MP4
  • Canon HD CMOS PRO sensor, DIGIC DV 4
  • Optical Intelligent IS
  • Full manual control
  • Instant AF; Face Detection
  • 8.8cm OLED touch screen

الميزات المفصلة

ألقِ نظرة أكثر تفصيلاً على Canon LEGRIA HF G30

20x zoom, 26.8mm wide-angle lens, 8-blade aperture

The brand new 26.8mm wide angle lens provides better image quality than ever before in a compact camcorder, while the smooth 20x optical zoom lets you get closer to the action. A new, 8-blade circular aperture enables beautiful 'Bokeh' effect.

Wi-Fi Remote

Enjoy the freedom of controlling your LEGRIA HF G30 when the camcorder is positioned out of reach. Control a number of settings, including shutter speed, focus and exposure wirelessly by using your smartphone or tablets web browser.

Dual-Format Recording

Simultaneously record in different formats (AVCHD and MP4) or at different bitrates, to the dual SDXC card slots and enjoy the twin benefits of professional quality footage and easy upload to the web. Capture fast and slow motion when shooting in MP4 format.


With an effective pixel count of approximately 2.91 megapixels, the new HD CMOS PRO sensor - designed and manufactured by Canon for its professional models - delivers stunning picture quality, even in low light, as well as wide dynamic range and realistic colour reproduction. The new powerful DIGIC DV 4 image processor works with the sensor to provide images with lower noise and more depth.

Optical Intelligent Image Stabilisation

Intelligent IS combats camera shake by automatically selecting the right optical image stabilisation from 4 modes to counteract movement and prevent blur. The advanced dynamic mode corrects roll and tilt movements that can occur when walking, ensuring sharp steady videos in every situation.

Full Manual Control

A manual lens ring allows intuitive control of focus or zoom. Exposure, aperture, shutter speed and gain can all be independently adjusted using the touch screen and customisable control dial, allowing you to unleash your creativity.

Instant AutoFocus, Face Detection

مواصفات المنتج

اكتشف المزيد عن Canon LEGRIA HF G30 وميزاته وإمكاناته.

Full HD

تصوير فائق الوضوح (Full HD)

HD Video Lens

عدسة الفيديو عالي الوضوح (HD)

Wide Angle Lens

عدسة ذات زاوية واسعة

20x Optical Zoom

تكبير/تصغير بصري حتى 20x

Steady shots in every situation

لقطات ثابتة في كل المواقف

Steady shooting on the move

تصوير ثابت أثناء الحركة

Superb low-light shooting

تصوير ممتاز في الإضاءة المنخفضة


قوة المعالج DIGIC

WiFi Cert

المشاركة عن بُعد بسهولة عبر Wi-Fi

8 Blade Circular Aperture

فتحة عدسة دائرية ذات 8 شفرات


تسجيل AVCHD بسرعة 28 ميجابت في الثانية


تسجيل MP4 بسرعة 35 ميجابت في الثانية

Perfect audio to match the scene

صوت مثالي يضاهي روعة المشهد

Professional Audio

صوت احترافي


شاشة LED عضوية تعمل باللمس مقاس 8.8 سم

Dual SDXC card slots

فتحات بطاقة SDXC مزدوجة

Instant Auto Focus

تركيز بؤري تلقائي فوري

  • LEGRIA HF G30 من Canon

  • غطاء العدسة مع حاجز العدسة المتكامل

  • محول الطاقة الصغير CA-570

  • وحدة التحكم اللاسلكية WL-D89

  • حزمة البطارية BP-820

  • كابل USB

  • كابل فيديو استريو

  • كابل تيار متردد

  • سلك توصيل HDMI عالي السرعة

  • مجموعة دليل المستخدم + البرامج