Designed to match the creative passion of video enthusiasts, the LEGRIA HF G25 features a wide angle lens, extensive manual controls and exceptional audio for stunning HD movies.



  • Canon HD Video Lens
  • Canon's advanced HD CMOS PRO sensor
  • Full manual control
  • Optical Intelligent IS
  • Audio Scene Select
  • 8.8cm touch screen LC
  • Instant AF; Face Detection
  • Protective lens hood
  • 32GB internal memory
  • 2x SDXC slots

الميزات المفصلة

ألقِ نظرة أكثر تفصيلاً على Canon LEGRIA HF G25

30.4mm Wide angle lens

Canon's high performance HD Video lens technology delivers a superb 30.4mm, F1.8 lens with a smooth, 10x optical zoom, and 8-Blade iris for natural looking de-focus effects.

Advanced HD CMOS Pro Sensor

The advanced HD CMOS PRO sensor gives you superb low light performance and a wide dynamic range. The sensor originally designed and manufactured by Canon for its professional camcorders has further improved light transmittance providing an extra 20%. boost in low-light sensitivity.

Full manual control

A manual lens ring allows intuitive control of focus. Full manual control of exposure, aperture, shutter speed and gain is possible via the touch screen LCD. A custom key and manual dial put you in complete control of your creativity.

Optical Intelligent Image Stabilisation

Intelligent IS is the perfect solution to combat camera shake. It automatically detects the scene and selects exactly the right optical Image Stabilizer settings from 4 modes to counteract movement and prevent blur. It ensures sharp, detailed videos in every situation leaving you free to concentrate on shooting.

Audio Scene Select

It's simple to make your movies sound as good as they look with Audio Scene Select and a high-sensitivity, built-in zoom microphone. Just select from 5 scene modes and audio settings are optimised automatically to match the scene you're shooting. Optional Canon 5.1 surround and Wireless mics are also available.

High-resolution 8.8cm Touch-screen

A high-resolution 920k dot, 8.8cm touch screen LCD is optimised for shooting in HD and provides 100% coverage of the scene. A retractable, colour viewfinder adds to your shot-framing options.

Instant AF; Face Detection

Instant AF provides fast and accurate focussing for pin-sharp HD quality. Face Detection automatically optimises camcorder settings for perfectly focussed and exposed

مواصفات المنتج

اكتشف المزيد عن Canon LEGRIA HF G25 وميزاته وإمكاناته.

Full HD

تصوير فائق الوضوح (Full HD)

HD Video Lens

عدسة الفيديو عالي الوضوح (HD)

Superb low-light shooting

تصوير ممتاز في الإضاءة المنخفضة

Wide Angle Lens

عدسة ذات زاوية واسعة

Steady shots in every situation

لقطات ثابتة في كل المواقف

Perfect audio to match the scene

صوت مثالي يضاهي روعة المشهد

Steady shooting on the move

تصوير ثابت أثناء الحركة

Professional Audio

صوت احترافي

32GB built-in memory + SDXC slot

ذاكرة مضمنة سعة 32 جيجابايت+ فتحة SDXC

Dual SDXC card slots

فتحات بطاقة SDXC مزدوجة

8.8cm Wide LCD Screen

شاشة LCD عريضة مقاس 8.8 سم

Touch Screen

شاشة تعمل باللمس

8-Bladed Iris

نظام فتحة عدسة ذو 8 شفرات

Instant Auto Focus

تركيز بؤري تلقائي فوري

  • LEGRIA HF G25 من Canon
  • غطاء العدسة مع حاجز العدسة المتكامل
  • محول الطاقة الصغير CA-570

  • وحدة التحكم اللاسلكية WL D89

  • كابل USB طراز IFC-300PCU/S

  • حزمة البطارية BP-808

  • القلم الإلكتروني

  • كابل الفيديو الاستريو طراز STV-250N

  • كابل HDMI عالي السرعة HTC-100/S

  • مجموعة دليل المستخدم + البرامج