Canon ME captures swift and speedy moments with the highly anticipated EOS R3 during the launch in UAE

June 29, 2021- Following the wide turnout and successful global launch, Canon Middle East celebrates the launch of its newest camera flagship, EOS R3. The innovative full-frame mirrorless camera was received with much enthusiasm during the event organized by Canon ME in the heart of Sharjah desert. Photography and videography enthusiasts had a unique opportunity to explore the EOS R3 which is equipped superior speed, versatility, and reliability that can deliver winning stills and videos. Building on the success of the EOS R camera series, EOS R3 streamlines workflows and takes the connection between camera and photographer to new levels.

Fun-filled hands-on experience of the fastest EOS R3 camera in the heart of Sharjah desert

Commenting on the newest addition to the brand’s series of innovative cameras, Bengü Topçu, B2C Marketing Director, Canon Middle East and Turkey said: “Canon’s EOS R3 is a product of technology, passion for photography and videography, and commitment to keep sharing inspiring visual stories from across the globe. The new addition is in line with Canon’s commitment to provide world-class products to photography enthusiasts of all levels that enrich their photography experience and allow them to capture priceless moments in vivid detail. Our corporate philosophy, Kyosei, which means living and working together for the common good, drives us to continue creating products and solutions that inspire positive change to people from all walks of life.”

The launching event kicked off with a welcome message and product presentation from Sandeep Muzumdar, Senior Product Manager- Cameras and Digital Services of Canon Middle East.

Sandeep impressed the attendees with the product’s lighting fast image capture and enhanced responsiveness. Its auto-focus and eye-control features capture swift and fleeting moments at 30fps, which set it apart from other products in the market. Leveraging its capability to focus in 0.03 seconds, the EOS R3 is by far the fastest EOS R series camera and the fastest full frame mirrorless camera in the world delivering winning shots of motorbikes or wildlife with the finest details.

“EOS R3 is Canon’s first 6K camera and is equipped with a whole new sensor and an amazing eye control function. It is perfect for photographers who wishes to capture swift and action-packed moments. EOS R3 has a new magnesium alloy body, as light as 1000 grams, and handy to be out and about. I am enthralled to present this today to an audience who matter to this endeavour and share with this experience with them. We at Canon want to give a hands-on experience to put the camera to test in a natural environment,” Sandeep added.

The event also featured UAE-based Canon ambassador and event photographer Jorge Ferrari, who is known for his strong visual storytelling and striking images. Ferrari’s decades of photography work include coverage of news, politics, commercial, as well as sports. He discussed photography techniques and expressed his remarkable EOS R3 experience. As a sports photographer himself, Ferrari highlighted the Eye Control autofocus, which enables users to capture stills in a fast-moving scenario.

Ferrari sharing his impression of the R3: “This camera is made for sports and action and is definitely my top and first choice. Its features made my life a lot easier in the past three months and will help me deliver winning shots in the upcoming major events such as Rugby Sevens, F1, and Abu Dhabi tennis tournament. I highly recommend EOS R3 photographers who want to shift to mirrorless technology, and those who are not afraid of transition. This camera makes the transition effortless, and its compatible with previous lenses without compromising quality and functionality”.

To complete the experience, attendees had a hands-on experience of the EOS R3 as they explore new techniques and play with lowlight shooting. The camera’s Flicker detection and High Frequency anti-flicker shooting mode correct flickering light sources and prevent exposure issues, making it perfect for lowlight shooting.

The launch of the EOS R3 comes at a time when there is a notable growing interest in sports photography and videography. Canon EOS R3’s impressive autofocus capabilities, speed, vertical grip, and high ISO performance are the perfect features sought after by photography and videography enthusiasts.

The event also saw the attendance of other photographers and several social media influencers. The fun-filled day ended with dinner and drinks.

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