Canon ProStream 1000 series

المواصفات بالتفصيل


سرعة الطباعة

ProStream 1000:
up to 80 m/min
ProStream 1800:
up to 133 m/min


I-Twin (duplex/perfecting) four colour

Throughput per minute

ProStream 1000:
112 B2/min or 1,076 A4 impressions
ProStream 1800:
188 B2/min sheets or 1,790 A4 impressions

Throughput per hour

ProStream 1000:
6,800 B2 sheets or 64,500 A4 impressions
ProStream 1800:
11,300 B2 sheets or 107,500 A4 impressions

Max. effective monthly duty cycle

ProStream 1000:
3.7 m B2 sheets or 35 m A4 impressions
ProStream 1800:
6.1 m B2 sheets or 58 m A4 impressions


Print head technology

DigiDot piezoelectric drop-on-demand

Resolution at nominal speed

ProStream 1000:
1200 x 1200 dpi 
ProStream 1800:
up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

DigiDot technology

Multilevel drop size modulation at nominal speed

Ink set

ColorGrip conditioning fluid, polymer pigment ink set CMYK with InkSafe technology1

Paper and print image

Web width

406 – 558 mm

Maximum physical print width

556 mm


Offset coated gloss, matt, silk, uncoated, inkjet, LWC2


up to 300 microns

وزن الورق

ProStream 1000:
40-300 gsm
up to 250 gsm at 80 m/min with HPPE option
ProStream 1800:
40-300 gsm
up to 250 gsm at 80 m/min with HPPE option
up to 160gsm at 133 m/min

نقل الورق

Tight web, pinless, automatic tension control

Physical data twin roll-to-roll

Length × Width

18,000 x 2,550 mm


2,000 mm


13,800 kg3

Power connection printer


Print engine 2 x 400V/250A

Controller 400V/16A

Climate Control Unit 400V/16A

Environmental requirements

درجة الحرارة

20 –26 °C


40 - 60%

الضوضاء أثناء التشغيل

Maximum 75 dB

تدفق العمل

Logical page length

152 – 1,524 mm; dynamically variable

وحدة التحكم

SRA MP controller with latest Adobe APPE

تنسيق بيانات الطابعة


Front end print manager

PRISMAcontrol DFE or PRISMAproduction output management system

إمكانية الاتصال

2 × 10 Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45 copper) with PRISMAcontrol

2 × 10 Gigabit Ethernet (optical short range) with PRISMAcontrol

10 Gigabit Ethernet (copper, optic MMF/SR, optic SMF/LR)


Touch screen user interface

Pre- and post-processing

Inline or offline; barcode controlled

الوحدات الاختيارية

Heavy Paper Productivity Enhance

Increased drying capacity for papers between 160 and 250gsm at 80 m/min

Inline Quality Control

Automatic continuous quality control with high speed camera system


High detail sharpness with enhanced rasterizing architecture

All information is subject to change without notice.

  1. ProStream inks contain materials that may be considered a Volatile Organic Component. Please consult your local regulators for clarification and a possible obligation for permission.
  2. For guidance on specific papers, please refer to the recommended paper list or contact Canon Media Laboratories.
  3. Total dimensions and weight may vary dependent on pre- and post-processing equipment
  4. Partly in combination with PRISMAcontrol or PRISMAproduction