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Take a look at our favourites of your Gallery entries, based around this month’s theme of My City. Each photo gives us a glimpse of a unique scene or emotion, bringing alive an unforgettable experience.

Burano, Italia, Estelle Moreau

"Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, in northern Italy. The mentality of Burano is perfectly encapsulated in the multi-coloured houses: warm and open. Walking through the island’s small alleyways, you realise how much more relaxed it is than Venice. With its diverse and picturesque architecture, quiet ambience and lapping canals, Burano seems a world away from its bigger, more famous sister. The island is also well known for lace manufacture – a fittingly intricate craft for such a pretty town.

"I took this picture after a long day of walking in Venice and Murano. I’d been feeling demoralised by the hoards of tourists, but when I chanced upon Burano, I felt my spirits lift. This place has such a positive impact on the people who tread its cobbles – the locals and visitors alike seem to have permanent smiles on their faces.

"Spend an afternoon here and you can’t help but sense the good vibes. I left feeling happy and renewed, glad I’d experienced this burst of colour before stepping back into my own greyer, more industrial world."

Pécs in fog, Hungary, Robert Jakab

"The weather is always surprising in Pécs – the small city in southern Hungary that I call home. I took this photo early on a January morning, as the architecture of the central square was just emerging from the clouds. You can see the bright lights of city hall glowing in the fog, as well as the striking copper dome of the Mosque of Pasha Qasim.

"To prepare for the shoot, I watched the weather forecast days in advance, then headed up the mountain to find the perfect view. My camera tolerated the cold well, and almost every single photo I took that morning was astonishing.

"There are lots of ethnic groups living together in Pécs. During my childhood, I used to live close to the chapel you can see in the photo. Now I live right next to the Mosque. For me this picture sums up the city’s wonderful cultural diversity."

Hungry seagulls, Genoa, Renzo Oroboncoidi

"I took this photo while visiting the seaside town of Genoa. It’s home to the busiest port and harbour in Italy. I was hoping to capture the diverse characteristics of the city, to show the contrast in old buildings with the urban streets and many alleyways, when I noticed these gulls. They plunged low on to the wall to pick up the pieces of bread that a lady had left behind. There’s a lot of drama in this twilight shot. If you look into the distance you can also notice the glow of sunset in the reflection of Genoa’s water."

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