Manufacturing your future with digital print

Digital print is a fast growing area and there are innovative applications within the manufacturing space that can both delight customers and boost revenue.

Think of digital print and most people tend to consider marketing materials such as posters, flyers and point-of-sale materials. Few think how it could work for manufacturing. Yet this is a fast growing area with a new breed of digital printer allowing the most forward-thinking manufacturers to produce startling products which delight their customers and boost their revenues.

Variable and personalised digital printing presents many possibilities for manufacturers. We have seen firms using digital print to produce designs or products like floors and worktops that are customised with images, to suit the individual consumer. Some manufacturers are going further still - putting their customers’ images onto a ceramic plate with copper piping inside, so that radiators are no longer unsightly and actually contribute to the decor of a room.

Away from decoration, digital print is replacing traditional screen printing onto components within manufactured products and machinery such as gauges and switch panels. Or for car wraps; putting vinyl onto cars – like taxis – to create highly mobile and visible promotional tools. The same technology is also starting to be applied to furniture in the manufacturing process.

The business case

Such creative applications are just the beginning. An appetite for greater personalisation is driving demand, alongside the need for flexibility and cost control.

Firms no longer need to print on a large scale before a run becomes viable. Digital print allows printers to be much more flexible and responsive. Print runs can be shorter; and designs can be changed frequently or completely customised across a wide variety of materials. Moreover, there’s no compromise in quality as the range of digital print options and finishes is comparable with analogue alternatives.

Digital print has an important role to play in manufacturing. It opens up a whole range of new substrates, media and materials where print service providers can innovate and be as creative as their imagination allows.

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