Introducing the Canon EOS R6: a powerhouse for stills and video

A Canon EOS R6 camera on a desk next to a man typing on a laptop.

The Canon EOS R6 is the ultimate all-rounder, pushing the boundaries for stills and video for hybrid shooters.

Offering all-round excellence across stills and video, the EOS R6 is Canon's next-generation full-frame mirrorless camera. Building on the heritage of the full-frame Canon EOS 6D series, high-speed Canon EOS 7D class and Canon EOS R System range, the Canon EOS R6 is versatile, fast and packed with technical innovation for unrivalled creative possibilities.

Sitting above the Canon EOS R and Canon EOS RP and below the Canon EOS R5 in the full-frame mirrorless range, the Canon EOS R6 represents a marked step up from its predecessors, with shooting speeds of up to 20fps,1 ground-breaking in-body Image Stabilization and a powerful DIGIC X processor.

"From an image quality perspective, the EOS R6 offers a new 20.1MP sensor with full-frame quality but with a particular emphasis on low-light performance with an ISO range up to 102,400," says Canon Europe Product Marketing Manager John Maurice. "Autofocus speed and tracking is also greatly improved thanks to the DIGIC X processor giving body, head, face and animal tracking AF, and frame rates well in excess of the Canon EOS R with a 12fps mechanical shutter and up to 20fps when using the electronic shutter.1

"The Canon EOS R6 is a responsive, quick camera, but it's also full-frame. Full-frame has traditionally been advantageous in low-light situations, and speed has always been useful for action and events, so now you're looking at a powerful camera suitable for a full range of genres."

With 4K video at up to 60p and a wide dynamic range, as well as a high-resolution electronic viewfinder, weather-resistant body and dual card slots, the Canon EOS R6 is particularly suited to capturing portraits, weddings and action, as well as for documentary and music video production.

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رجل يحمل كاميرا EOS R6 من Canon بجانبه.

صُممت كاميرا EOS R6 من Canon بحيث تكون خفيفة الوزن وسهلة الحمل، ولكنها تتميز بهيكل قوي مصنوع من سبائك المغنيسيوم لضمان الصلابة الفائقة وتشتت الحرارة، فضلاً عن أنها مزودة بعازل مقاوم لظروف الطقس حول حجرة البطارية وغطاء فتحة البطاقة والمناطق الأخرى.

Outstanding low-light performance

Like Canon's new flagship pro DSLR, the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, the Canon EOS R6 has a DIGIC X series processor. "The underlying technology, signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range are comparable," says John. "If you're looking for performance in low light or when using higher ISOs, the Canon EOS R6 will give you the next level of performance compared to previous EOS cameras in this category, particularly useful for photographers shooting indoors at events."

راقص الباليه لي جاي هوي يتخذ وضعية أمام بعض المباني الكلاسيكية في مدينة باليرمو بصقلية.

Dancing into the light: the first stills shoot with the EOS R6

Canon Ambassador Wanda Martin on her art-inspired fashion shoot, the first-ever shoot with the full-frame mirrorless Canon EOS R6.

The Full Frame 20.1MP CMOS sensor offers high-sensitivity performance for stills and movies, with a native ISO range of ISO102,400, expandable up to ISO204,800, compared to the top expansion setting of ISO102,400 in the EOS R. While some professionals may demand the 45MP resolution of the top-of-the-range Canon EOS R5, the Canon EOS R6's sensor offers most users an optimum balance of resolution and low-light performance, dynamic range and shooting speed, with the benefit of reduced file sizes and less post-processing time, while still delivering ample resolution for poster-size prints if required.

The Canon EOS R6 also offers unparalleled AF performance in low light, being capable of autofocus in conditions as low as -6.5EV2 – roughly the light of a half-moon. This is the lowest light AF of any Canon camera. "At -6.5EV, that's situations where you can barely see," says John, "and it's testament to just how well the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology works in all lighting conditions."

مصور يحمل كاميرا EOS R6 من Canon مع صورة ببغاء ملون على الشاشة.

تتميز كاميرتا EOS R5 وEOS R6 بالتركيز البؤري التلقائي II لمستشعر CMOS ثنائي البكسل الذي يوفر ميزة تعقب الرأس والوجه والعين حتى عند التقاط صور لحيوانات مثل القطط والكلاب والطيور.

Intelligent, accurate autofocus

The Dual Pixel CMOS AF II system offers advanced subject recognition thanks to its machine learning algorithms. The intelligent AF delivers improved performance, detecting eyes on smaller faces than was possible with the Canon EOS R, as well as adding better support for subjects in profile. In addition to face and eye tracking, the Canon EOS R6 can detect heads, and animals including dogs, cats and birds.

"Selecting the right AF point can be tricky, so it's a huge benefit if the camera can do it for you," says John. "You can leave the EOS R6 in the automatic tracking modes and the camera will pick up and track the subject by detecting human faces, eyes, heads, bodies and now animals as well. If you do want to take control, there's huge flexibility with the Dual Pixel AF system, which will now virtually cover the entire frame when tracking in the automatic or large zone area modes."

There are 6,072 AF points when making a manual AF point selection, which is done by either touching and dragging points on the LCD screen or using the AF Multi Controller, a method of control familiar to users of Canon EOS 5D and EOS 7D series cameras. The Canon EOS R6 also features two control dials for quickly adjusting settings and scrolling through images.

A man removes an SD Card from one of the two card slots on a Canon EOS R6 camera.

Recognising the needs of professionals and the preferences of users, the EOS R6 features dual card slots, a joystick for selecting AF points and a quick-control dial on the rear of the camera for controlling settings such as aperture.

Market-leading 8-stops of combined IS

The Canon EOS R6 and the Canon EOS R5 are the first EOS cameras to feature an in-body mechanical Image Stabilization system, which delivers a market-leading 8-stops of IS when teamed with a compatible lens,3 leading to sharper images and smoother footage without the need for a tripod or gimbal.

"The 8-stop IS system has been made possible because the camera and lens work in parallel through the high-speed RF Mount communication system to provide co-ordinated 5-axis correction to reduce the shake and movement of the user," says John.

The camera's sensor physically moves, enabling it to mechanically correct shake over five axes, and this is particularly effective at correcting shake that occurs at a wide angle. Paired with optical correction, which is very strong at correcting shake at the telephoto end of the focal length, the combined IS system together can provide greater coverage and effectiveness than previously was possible with any single method. The largest combined effect is gained with the use of IS-equipped RF lenses, but there are also benefits with IS-equipped EF lenses, which can benefit from the X and Y correction and roll correction that the in-body IS system can add to the existing Pitch and Yaw correction of the optical Image Stabilizer technology.

A woman's hands hold a Canon EOS R6 camera.

The first Canon cameras to have in-body Image Stabilization, the Canon EOS R6 and the Canon EOS R5 offer a market-leading 8-stops*** of combination IS when paired with a compatible IS-equipped RF lens (excluding RF 600mm F11 IS STM and RF 800mm F11 IS STM).

"Typically, you would need a tripod to capture a long exposure featuring the smoothed effect of waves or water breaking over rocks in a seascape or river," adds John. "But during our own personal testing we have been able to achieve sharp handheld landscape shots with the Canon EOS R6 with shutter speeds that are several seconds long – beyond what you'd normally expect with an optical IS system. So in the future it may not be so necessary to always carry additional equipment to stabilise your motion, so you can travel lighter and be more spontaneous and creative."

Since the launch of the Canon EOS R, a number of fast-aperture, high-performance lenses have been added to the RF lens range, such as Canon's f/2.8 trinity of pro zoom lenses – the Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8L IS USM, the Canon RF 24-70mm F2.8L IS USM and the Canon RF 70-200mm F2.8L IS USM. The Canon EOS R6 also offers full compatibility with the wide range of EF lenses via an EF-EOS R mount adapter.

A woman holds a Canon EOS R6 camera over her head to take an overhead shot of a man lying on a sofa.

The superb Vari-Angle screen makes it possible to shoot from more creative angles or in constrained environments. In addition, the capability to autofocus in light conditions as low as EV -6.52 – about the light of a half-moon – makes the EOS R6 Canon's lowest light AF capable camera.

The ultimate stills-video hybrid

A hybrid camera offering versatile stills and video performance, the Canon EOS R6 shoots 4K footage at up to 60fps (compared with 30fps on the Canon EOS R) thanks to a faster sensor output rate and the power of the DIGIC X processor. The high frame rates are supported by Dual Pixel CMOS AF II and the subject recognition and tracking also found within the stills modes. Full HD shooting is also available at 100fps or 120fps for extreme slow-motion capture, and the high-resolution 3.69M-dot electronic viewfinder works at up to 120fps, providing a clear rendition of what is being captured.

"The Canon EOS R6 is very capable on the video front, with features you would traditionally associate with cinema cameras," says John. Canon Log allows for increased dynamic range, reduced noise and expanded grading options. Support for 10-bit YCbCr 4:2:2 internal recording and HDR PQ recording has also been added, while diverse capture needs are catered for with in-camera time-lapse, interval timer, and focus bracketing for depth compositing.

With 2.4GHz built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FTP, FTPS and compatibility with the new cloud service, the Canon EOS R6 is well connected for sharing imagery with ease.

"You can create great video footage and deliver it to a high standard," says John. "And you've also got a powerful stills camera. The Canon EOS-1D X Mark III raised the game in terms of technology and speed, and now you're seeing the benefits of some of those technologies in the Canon EOS R6."

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    1. Shooting speed may vary depending on the battery type, the use of a battery grip or Wi-Fi, and operating temperature. For further details see specifications.
    2. With an f/1.2 lens, centre AF point and One-Shot AF, at 23°C and ISO100.
    3. 8-stops of IS based on the CIPA standard with Canon RF 24-105mm F4L IS USM lens at a focal length of 105mm.