Canon LX-MU600Z


Canon's laser light source projector is ideal for education and business applications. With a bright 6,800-lumen HD output and advanced image controls, the Canon LX-MU600Z is ready for anything.



  • Bright and powerful 6,800-lumen DLP image
  • Perfect for business and education: powerful image adjustment tools, 24/7 usage and portrait orientation
  • No more expensive replacement lamps: laser diode technology with 20,000-hour lifetime
  • Native WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio, with motorised zoom, focus and image shift
  • Vibrant colours and deep blacks with 10,500:1 dynamic contrast ratio (native 1,050:1)
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications, from classrooms and boardrooms to retail or museums
  • Support for full 360-degree projection mapping, warping for projection on to curved surfaces and 4-point keystone and geometry adjustment controls
  • Project a 500" image from over 90 metres with the Ultra Long Zoom Lens
  • Choose from 8 interchangeable lenses for supreme versatility*
  • Wide variety of input options, including high-definition 3G-SDI
  • Three year next day replacement loan service**

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A reliably brilliant light source

Canon's solid-state light source projector, the LX-MU600Z produces an ultra-bright 6,800-lumen image at up to 1920x1200 WUXGA resolution. Canon's laser diode and phosphor light source technology will outlast traditional lamp projectors, providing 20,000 hours of use - that's 7 years if used for 8 hours every day. With its solid state, liquid-cooled light source, the Canon LX-MU600Z will run all day, every day, yet running costs are just one-tenth of traditional mercury lamp projectors.

Exceptional control for creative applications

Control, flexibility and power at your fingertips, with support for full 360-degree projection mapping and image warping for projection onto curved surfaces, plus advanced geometry adjustment controls, 4-corner keystone correction, 25-degree crop-less image rotation and 50% mechanical image shift. Canon's unique edge blending tools allow adjacent images from multiple projectors to be merged quickly and easily, and the projector can even be mounted in portrait orientation (mount required).

8 interchangeable lenses

Take advantage of 8 interchangeable bayonet-style lenses* designed for almost every use case, from short throw ultra wide zoom (0.62m-10.4m) to ultra long zoom (up to 91m), all with screen sizes from 40" to 500". Swapping between lenses is safe and simple: the LX-MU600Z's on-board software has 8 pre-set lens setting memory slots, while the lens safety function shuts down the light source should the lens be removed.

Breath-taking images

Combining single-chip DLP technology with a powerful laser light source, the Canon LX-MU600Z uses a 4-segment, 3-colour wheel to achieve a superior image and significantly reduce 'rainbow effect', while dynamic contrast delivers deeper blacks. A broad 91.9% sRGB colour gamut provides a vibrant palette of colours, and brightness settings can be ch

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Full HD video reproduced in perfect detail

فيديو عالي الدقة بالكامل تتم إعادة إنتاجه بالتفاصيل الدقيقة


منفذ HDMI

Supporting HD video, audio and control

دعم الفيديو عالي الوضوح (HD) والصوت والتحكم

Industry standard control protocol

بروتوكول تحكم قياسي في الصناعة



3 Yr Extended warranty

ضمان موسَّع مدته 3 سنوات