أضف الروعة إلى كل لحظاتك بوضوح فائق (Full HD) مع كاميرا الفيديو الصغيرة هذه. التقط التفاصيل البعيدة وتتبعها مع إمكانية التكبير/التصغير المتقدم المذهل بمعدل57 ضعفًا, وشارك كل ما تريد دون عناء مع الأشخاص المقربين منك باستخدام ميزتي Wi-Fi وNFC المدمجتين.


  • Easy sharing for all the family with Wi-Fi and NFC

  • Steady, blur-free movies with optical Intelligent IS

  • Capture life’s magical moments in glorious detail

  • Enjoy added fun with Slow and Fast Motion Recording

  • Record and track the action from far away

الميزات المفصلة

  • Life’s about sharing

    Upload movies to your smart device and social media with built-in Wi-Fi. The camcorder also supports NFC, so you can hook-up and share footage directly with smart devices with just a simple touch. NFC also enables effortless connection with Canon Connect Station, allowing content to be stored and then watched at leisure with family and friends on your TV.

  • Sharp results on every occasion

    Canon’s optical Intelligent IS means there’s no need to worry about camera shake. It adapts to the scene you’re shooting, automatically selecting the optimum image stabilisation mode for you. Even when you’re on the move, the 5-axis Dynamic IS ensures steady footage.

  • Every memory in magnificent detail

    Enjoy making stunning movies with Canon’s HD video lens. It features a versatile 57x Advanced zoom, letting you capture the detail in even faraway subjects. Image quality is superb – even when shooting in low light – thanks to the 3.28 MP Full HD CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV4 processor. Prevent your memories from being deleted inadvertently with the handy File Lock feature.

  • Fun for the whole family

    Experiment with slow and fast motion recording. Slow motion cuts speed by 1/2x – great for correcting golf swings – while fast motion speeds everything up, by up to 1200x. It works by recording at pre-determined intervals so you can use it to create fascinating time lapse sequences. Try adding fun effects to movies using Touch Decoration, or create atmosphere with Cinema-Look Filters.

  • Don’t lose track

    What happens if you lose track of whom you’re filming at a distance? Simply press and hold the search button and Framing Assist pans back out to quickly relocate your subjects. Release search and the camcorder zooms back in again to continue filming.

  • Capture many firsts

    Capture the first steps and words of up to three children with advanced Baby Mode. Register each child’s date of birth in-camera, and add colourful stamps and animations to record height and weight. All footage is automatically saved to the relevant baby album.

  • Great sounding movies

    Make movies sound as good as they look with Audio Scene Select. Simply select from 5 different modes to suit the scene you’re shooting.

  • Flexible recording

    Movies can be recorded in different formats (AVCHD + MP4) to the internal memory and an SD card simultaneously. This means you can capture high quality footage for personal use while sharing a slightly lower resolution, quicker to transfer version, with smart devices and social media sites.


  • تصوير فائق الوضوح (Full HD)

  • شارك الأفلام لاسلكيًا

  • تبسيط المشاركة

  • لقطات ثابتة في كل المواقف

  • تصوير ثابت أثناء الحركة

  • جهاز استشعار CMOS فائق الدقة

  • إمكانية التكبير/التصغير المتقدم بمعدل 57 ضعفًا

  • تتبع الهدف أثناء التكبير/التصغير الكامل

  • قوة المعالج DIGIC

  • التسجيل بالحركة البطيئة والسريعة

  • تسجيل AVCHD بسرعة 28 ميجابت في الثانية

  • تسجيل MP4 بسرعة 35 ميجابت في الثانية

  • التقط اللحظات بالغة الروعة

  • صوت مثالي يضاهي روعة المشهد

  • شاشة سعوية تعمل باللمس بحجم 7.5 سم

  • إضافة أسلوب العرض السينمائي إلى الأفلام

  • إضافة مؤثرات مرحة إلى الأفلام

  • فتح شاشة LCD للبدء السريع

  • ذاكرة مضمنة سعة 8 جيجابايت+ فتحة SDXC

  • محطة توصيل محسَّنة

محتويات العبوة

  • Canon LEGRIA HF R66

  • Compact Power Adapter CA-110

  • Battery Pack BP-718

  • High-speed HDMI Cable

  • HTC-100/S

  • USB Cable IFC-300PCU/S

التصنيفات والمراجعات